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u It'll be tough tiddy for the Captain,1" one of the men

The men crowded around the body, and leaned over it, and
peered down at it. The torch was guttering cut. For a
moment or two no one spoke.

" Tough tiddy," another man said, then " and no denying,"

Mr. Munn shook himself as though rousing from a sleep.
" Listen/' he directed, " some of you all get a buggy. Get the
first one you can find. It don't matter whose. And start on
toward Captain Todd's place. That left road down at the
church will take you across to his pike. We'll catch you."

44 Catch us?" somebody echoed, inquiringly.

"I'll be glad to have as many as want to come with me,"
Mr. Munn offered. " Fm not ordering anybody, understand.
I want those who come of their own free will."

" You aiming to chase 'em?"

"Cut them off," Mr. Munn said shortly. "We can cut
them off before they hit town. The road this lane here joins,
we can take it, and hit the pike before they make town."

No one answered, for a moment. Then a voice: " Dammit,
you didn't want to bushwhack 'em back there on the pike
when it might-er done some good. Now it won't do no good,
and you want-er go and fight/'

" I just want those who come of their own free will," Mr.
Munn answered.

" Durn if you don't beat me," the voice exclaimed.

" Now/' Mr. Munn added.

" All right," the voice said fatalistically, " all right, I'll go/'

Just before the first signs of dawn, Mr. Munn and seven
other men lay behind a tumbled stone wall beside the pike,
considerably less than a mile out of town, and fired carefully
into a mass of mounted men on the pike. The men had been
riding slowly along, idly lounging in their saddles and laugh-
ing and joking with each other. At the first volley, the
mounted men, some thirty of them, broke and fled dow® tbe
pike toward town. Two bodies were left lying in the middle